Q. Do you offer a referral program?

A. We sure do! When you refer a friend who uses our services, you will receive 1 FREE day of daycare.

Q. What are the benefits of Doggie Daycare at La Dee Dogs?
A. Exercise – Socialization – Training - Friends and lots of love and attention. Our guests are tired & happy when they go home. A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog! Daycare is a great alternative to staying home all alone.

Q. How often do the dogs go outside?
A. It all depends upon the weather, but on average the group goes out about 2 times an hour. When the weather permits, we have been known to spend almost the entire day outdoors.

Q. What are the requirements to join Daycare and or Over Night Care?
  • Dogs over 7 months of age must be fixed
  • Puppies and recently adopted dogs must be in the home for 4 weeks prior to joining our fun.
  • Owners must certify that their dog(s) have not harmed or shown aggression or threatening behavior towards any person or other dog(s).
  • All dogs must be current with the following vaccinations: Distemper/ Parvo, Rabies & Bordetella. Please have your vet fax the vaccination records to us at 320-257-1658.
  • Owners will need to certify that their dog(s) are in good health and have not been ill in the last 30 days.
  • All dogs must be on a monthly flee and tick prevention program.
  • A completed application is required from each guest. You can download this application from the registration page of our website or pick up an application at our store.
  • Please schedule a time to come in with your dog for a tour/ temperament test. During this time we will go over your application and to get to know your dog a little better.

Q. What are the age requirements?

A. All dogs must be 4 months of age and current on all vaccinations.

Q. Do you offer ½ Day or hourly Daycare visits?
A. Yes, half day consists of 5 hours of play for $15 and our hourly rate is $5.

Q. Do La Dee Dogs guests receive treats?
A. This decision is up to the customer. When completing the application for enrollment, you will be asked if your dog(s) can have treats and about any food allergies your dog(s) might have. You are welcome to bring in Fido's favorite treats, we will put them in their cubby and give him or her one or two at quiet time.

Q. What should my dog bring for his first day of Doggie Daycare?
A. Their collar & leash are required and the rest is up to you. Feel free to pack a small lunch if you think Fido or Princess will be a little hungry at noon. Some parents bring a Tupperware container or baggie with enough food for the next 5 – 10 visits.

Q. My dog is having a slumber party at La Dee Dogs (staying OverNight) what should I bring?

A. Each dog needs to bring their own food, a collar and a leash and the rest is up to you. You are more than welcome to use our crates and bedding, or if you think Fido would be more comfortable in his or her own crate, please feel free to bring that too.

Q. Do you charge extra to administer medicine?
A. No.

Q. Can my Dog get a bath while visiting?
A. Yes! If your dog is spending 5 or more Overnights, he or she will receive a free bath before going home.

Q. Can you trim my dog’s nails?
A. Woof – I mean yes.

Q. My dog pads (feet) seem to be a little dry, is this normal?
A. During the summer months, dogs that do lots of running outdoors tend to get dry pads. With each visit your dog’s feet will soon get adjusted to the rock. We do keep the rock wet during the hot summer days.

Q. What toys do you sell for aggressive chewers?
A. Good Question! Our absolute strongest and toughest toys include the Goughnut and Goughnut Stick, West Paw Tux, Bumi, Twiz and the always famous Jolly Balls. All of these toys are loved and used by our guests on a daily basis and are also sold in our boutique.

Q. I need a toy that will keep my dog busy, what do you recommend?

A. We have lots of wonderfully interactive toys available in our boutique, including the Kibble Nibble, Tux, Tug a Jug, Roxxter, Dog Pyramid, Dog Puzzles and The Amazing Treat Machine. Guaranteed to keep them busy and entertained, while supervised of course.

Q. Do you sell Quality Dog Food?
We sell 2 of the best brands of dry dog food available, Orijen and Fromm.
To learn more about Orijen go to www.orijen.ca/about_us and or give us a call.
To learn more about Fromm go to www.frommfamily.com and or give us a call.
*Buy 12 bags get 1 bag free with both Orijen and Fromm.

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