Fur-iendly Faces

La Dee Dogs, (St. Cloud, MN) is proud to offer your beloved pup the very best in doggy day care. Our staff love their jobs, and can't wait to greet both new and familiar fur-iendly faces each day! La Dee Dogs offers so much more than boarding. We have lots of play areas and social times with our other honored guests, grooming, toys, swimming, and more! La Dee Dogs offers full-day boarding, as well as 1/2 days and even hourly rates. We also offer discounted rates for more than one pooch. With so much to do, La Dee Dogs will soon become your buddy's home away from home. What are you waiting for? Call and book your time today! Your dog will thank you.
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February 22nd is Walk Your Dog Day


Is your furry friend’s New Year’s Resolution to get more exercise and burn off some energy? Are they barking up the right tree when it comes to exercise in the new year?

When it’s too cold to walk your dog outside, all the cool dogs go to La Dee Dogs (St Cloud, MN) to mingle with their friends and burn off some excess energy.

Who doesn’t like having a calm, tired and happy pup after a long day’s work? Exercising your dog in the St Cloud area doesn’t have to be complicated or a chore. Does your pooch have cabin fever and possibly going a little stir crazy? Give La Dee Dogs (St Cloud, MN) a call (320) 257-9663 for details on our Quarry Adventure and Treadmill services. Your pup will enjoy a 30 or 60 minute walk at Quarry Park or a 5, 10 or 15 minute walk on our indoor treadmill, all of which are accompanied by our trained supervisors. What’s better than a brisk Central Minnesota walk with some fantastic scenery or some fancy foot work on our indoor treadmill? A tired and happy pooch…of course!

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Happy Valentine's Day



Happy Valentine's Day! Love is in the air at La Dee Dogs! The dogs all had a blast playing with their besties today! We are also loving all of the snow we got last night! It is perfect for running through and playing chase with all of our friends!  We celebrated Valentine's with a mini-photo shoot! Here's a sneak peek at some of the Valentines!

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Meet Laura! Our La Dee Dogs Groomer


Did you know that La Dee Dogs offers grooming?

Meet Laura, she is our La Dee Dogs groomer and is also one of our very talented playground professionals. Laura works about 4 - 5 days a week and almost every other weekend. If you are already a La Dee Dogs dog, you receive a free half day of daycare on your scheduled grooming day. Come play for half a day, and then go jump in the tub and get all snazzied up.


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