A Brush With Excellence


With so many wonderful scents on offer this holiday season, we don't want our pampered pooches to feel left out! That's why La Dee Dogs (St. Cloud, MN) offers a full range of grooming services, including over 15 holiday bath scents! La Dee Dogs has the staff on hand to offer our valued guests baths, nail trims, teeth brushing, de-shedding, and other services best alluded to but not named. Ahem. Put your best paws forward this holiday season with grooming services at La Dee Dogs. We love the proud, puffed up look our treasured guests get when they are all pampered and pretty. La Dee Dogs has the tools on hand to give all our furry friends a brush with excellence! Call and bark...we mean book...your grooming services today!

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Don't Worry, Bring Puppy

Holiday season is nearly upon us, and La Dee Dogs (St. Cloud, MN) knows that lots of folks travel to be with families, often out of town. We're here to help! La Dee Dogs offers more than just the best doggie day care. We provide optimal overnight boarding as well! What's more, dogs that come for overnight boarding are automatically enrolled in our fun-filled daytime activities! La Dee Dogs prides itself on being a joyous getaway for your pampered pooch, who will look forward to coming back again and again! We offer discounts for multiple dogs and longer stays. La Dee Dogs even towels in a free bath after 5 nights! Take the worry out of your holiday doggie boarding this year. Call La Dee Dogs and book your time today!
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What could be better than combining a fun day out for your pampered pooch and some help with training? La Dee Dogs, St. Cloud's premium doggy day care and boarding facility, is proud to offer Train-N-Play courses for our furry guests! Dogs must have current rabies, bordetella, and distemper vaccines, so bring a copy with you or have your vet fax it on over. Train-N-Play sessions are $20 an hour, and your dog will get a one-on-one session with our expert trainer, Marie. Marie will teach or brush up on basic obedience, leash walking, improving anxious behaviors, and improving confidence and manners. Get a two-fer for your four-paws and sign up for Train-N-Play sessions today at La Dee Dogs!
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Bark To School

Guess what? Humans aren't the only ones who have back-to-school fun! La Dee Dogs (St. Cloud, MN) is offering "school pictures" for all our guests this September. The week of September 21st, La Dee Dogs will be offering a bark-to-school photo and treat for $15. It's a fun way to commemorate Fido's play dates with us, and much better quality than our usual phone camera pictures! Sign up any day that week for your bark-to-school photos!
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New Agility Event at La Dee Dogs! Perfect for Every Skill Level


Let your dog test their skills in a one of a kind agility day - a new event this year at La Dee Dogs (St Cloud, MN).

Is your dog wanting to learn some new skills and feats that go beyond a simple game of fetch?

If you think your dog is ready to have some fun and learn some new moves, call La Dee Dogs at (320) 257-9663 for more information. http://ladeedogs.com/

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September Skill "Wait"


At La Dee Dogs, we've got skills! Our command of the month for September is "Wait."  We have been working on waiting before going through doorways and not pulling/jumping at them.  We are so proud of how well all of our pups are doing!  Keep up the good work guys!

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Orijen Dog Treats


Check out these great new treats that we just got in! Orijen just started making dog treats in three tasty flavors: Brome Lake Duck, Ranch Raised Lamb, and Original.  These dog treats are all natural with no preservatives.  Stop by La Dee Dogs and check them out, your dog will thank you!

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