New Year Pawty!

La Dee Dogs (St. Cloud, MN) knows that New Year's Eve can be a fraught time for our fur babies. That's why we offer our very own New Year Pawty for our furry friends! Many dogs aren't into all the noise, music, and hoopla that surround most New Year's Eve celebrations. Let La Dee Dogs be your safe haven from all the fuss this year! At no extra charge, we will be having a New Year Pawty for all our boarders! La Dee Dogs will be hosting a dog-centric celebration guaranteed to be loads of fun! Give your pampered pooch a safe and healthy environment where she can exercise off-leash with other dogs and supervised by our expert staff. Take the worry out of New Year's Eve this year and book your stay with La Dee Dogs. We even offer convenient pickup and drop-off service within 10 miles of our location. Call and book your pawty slot today!
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Fa La La Dee Dogs


Holiday time is upon us, and you know what that means: holiday travel. Whether you are heading out for the day or the week to visit friends and relatives, La Dee Dogs is here to ensure your pampered pooch not only has a safe haven for boarding, but a fun place to play! La Dee Dogs (St. Cloud, MN) is proud to have the most experienced, caring staff and variety of doggie activities to make La Dee Dogs your furry companion's favorite home away from home! La Dee Dogs even offers Train-N-Play classes if Fido needs a brush-up, or an actual brush-up if you'd like to schedule a bath and grooming as well! Book a nice long walk with one of our certified trainers. Book some fun at the pampered pooch plaza at La Dee Dogs! Call or stop in today and see why La Dee Dogs is the favorite holiday destination of so many of our furry friends!

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Holiday Pup-perations

La Dee Dogs knows that not every holiday gathering is appropriate for our furry friends. Whether traveling out of town to visit relatives, having more people over than Fido may be comfortable with, or simply having too much to do during crunch times and not having enough time to spend entertaining our cherished companions, La Dee Dogs is here for you! La Dee Dogs (St. Cloud, MN) offers doggie daycare full of super fun activities and play time, long walks, grooming, and socialization! We also offer hourly services, if you just need a little extra time to get that Thanksgiving feast prepared! La Dee Dogs even offers pickup and dropoff service within 10 miles of our location. Take the worry out of your holiday pup-perations and call La Dee Dogs today!
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Howloween Fun


La Dee Dogs, (St.. Cloud, MN) your dog's favorite place to camp, is thrilled to offer your best friend a safe haven this Halloween! La Dee Dogs puts on a super fun costume party so your pups can have their very own Howlaween! Halloween can be a scary time for our furry friends. Take the worry out of your festivities and drop Fido or Fifi off for a night of furry fun at La Dee Dogs! Costume photos will be $15 the week of October 26th. Call and book your spot today!

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Paws For MEA Weekend


MEA weekend is right around the corner, and La Dee Dogs is ready to make this a fun-filled adventure for your pampered pooch! Humans aren't the only ones allowed to have a vacation. La Dee Dogs (St. Cloud, MN) is the favorite vacation destination for your furry friends! We are here to spoil and challenge your pup, giving awards for Best In Skill! We will be giving prizes for sit, stay, come, leave, and drop. Make La Dee Dogs your buddy's home away from home. Call and make your MEA weekend reservations today!

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We've Got Skills!

We Love Slumber Paw-ties!

September Skill: "OFF"

Skill Goal: Used to tell a dog to get his paws off of something. (Ex: jumping on people, jumping at doors, counter surfing)

Practice: When your dog starts jumping on you, say "Off!" and then show them a treat. As soon as all 4 paws are on the ground, give them the treat.

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Fur Sure

La Dee Dogs know that we love our furry friends like members of the family. But let's face it: we often collect enough fur to make another dog. We all have busy lives, and sometimes grooming can fall by the wayside. We're here to help! La Dee Dogs (St. Cloud, MN) is offering a de-shedding special for $5 off. Now is a perfect time to take advantage of our grooming services. Call (320)-257-9663 and book some time with our grooming experts today!
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February is Pet Dental Month


What is that smell? Yikes, it’s Fido’s breath! La Dee Dogs (St Cloud, MN) cares about your furry friend - and their dental health.

Buy our package of 52 teeth brushings and you can have La Dee Dogs freshen up your dog’s breath with a weekly teeth brushing service. Proper dental care is important - it can eliminate bad breath, dental pain, and can even prevent serious kidney and liver problems for your pooch.

Buy 10 Teeth Brushings = $54 (SAVE $6)

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A Dog's New Year's Resolution for 2015


Regardless of age there's a part of us that always feels as though we should make resolutions for the new year. These often include increased physical activity and setting a reasonable weight loss goal. Involving your pet in this experience can help you remain motivated and heighten the overall sense of accomplishment once you start to see signs of progress for both you and your dog. Finding a fun and rewarding new activity to share with your dog doesn't have to be a challenge!

La Dee Dogs has some exciting things planned in the new year - stay tuned for details! In the meantime, start the new year off right. You can work with your dog to improve their diet, exercise more, measuring their food, and trying a new activity together.

If your pet is having trouble thinking of a new year’s resolution that speaks to them, share this link with them and they’ll be sure to be on their way to a happier and healthier new year!

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"Bathe Me Pretty” Spa Package at La Dee Dogs


The holiday season has come and gone for another year and you're certain that you received everything on your gift list. Can the same be said for your furry friend? Treat them to a session with La Dee Dogs’ (St Cloud, MN) doggie spa and grooming service.

Our Bathe Me Pretty grooming technique also features optional extra’s that show your pup how much you care, such as a nail dremel or a Blueberry Facial. Your dog will look wonderful to start the new year. Questions? Call La Dee Dogs at (320) 257-9663 to discuss pricing packages.

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Love is in the air at La Dee Dogs


Valentine's Day is coming early this year to La Dee Dogs (St Cloud, MN). On February 9th, 2015, drop your dog off at La Dee Dogs Valentine's Day Pawty and let them enjoy some time playing with their lovely 4 legged friends. Consider it a meet and mingle - with love in the air! There will be Valentine's Day themed activities, photo opportunities and organic gourmet cookies that have a unique flavor your dog will love. For only $18 your doggie will enjoy all the romance La Dee Dogs has to offer on February 9th.

Also, with Valentine’s Day on the weekend (February 14, 2015), if you've scheduled a romantic getaway with that special someone this year and are unsure of who will care for your dog, make a reservation at La Dee Dogs for an Overnight Slumber Pawty. Play all day…sleep all night, what better way to spend their Valentine’s day.

Call La Dee Dogs (320) 257-9663 for more information about overnight care services and to get their name on the list for the Valentine's Day pawty.

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"Work Out" Your Furry Friend in 2015!


As you ponder which personal and professional goals to set for yourself in the new year, don't forget to create a list for your dog as well! Once the holidays are over it can be difficult to stick to resolutions, both for your furry friend and yourself, due to the cold weather and stress caused by everyday life experiences. La Dee Dogs (St Cloud, MN) can help your dog beat the post holiday blues with a general wellness package that pampers your pup while also ensuring they get regular exercise.

La Dee Dogs' January Wellness Package is just what your furry friend needs to get fit in the new year! Your furry family member will enjoy a treadmill session, bath, nails, teeth cleaning and a massage!

SMALL DOGS $42LARGE DOGS $55Treadmill Session: $1 per minute

Call La Dee Dogs today at (320) 257-9663 to get your furry friend on the way to fitness in the year year!

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Upcoming Paint Your Pet Party! Save The Date!


La Dee Dogs is having a Paint a Portrait of Your Pet Pawty (Waite, MN) on January 17th, from 1-4 PM. Using a favorite picture of your dog as a starting point, a local artist will teach you how to paint an amazing portrait of your pet with some fun and easy techniques.

You don't have to be a natural artist or customer of La Dee Dogs to participate! You just have to own or know a pet. You will leave La Dee Dogs with a hand painted keepsake of your dog and some great memories.

This is a super fun way to spend time with family, girl friends, co-workers - anyone who has a furry family member they cherish. Our Paint a Portrait of Your Pet Pawty makes a great gift idea - the experience of painting or the actual artwork itself! Such a awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon and enjoy the company of other local pet owners. Call today--space is limited (320) 257-9663.

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We’re Gonna Pawty like it’s Woof! Woof Woof Woof Woof!


La Dee Dogs (Waite Park, MN) is hosting a fabulous New Year's Eve Pawty for our furry friends on December 31st. We had such a great time last year - your furry family members are not going to want to miss the fun! This free Pawty is a VIP event and will feature fancy drinks, yummy treats, and the best company to ring in the new year! All of our guests will also have time to write down their 10 top fur-tastic resolutions for 2015.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration knowing your pup is having the time of their lives and enjoying the La Dee Dogs Pawty with all their friends. Call (320) 257-9663 today to get your pup on the New Year’s Eve VIP list.

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Make Your Furry Family Member "Holiday Ready"!


It is common for people to wait until the start of the new year before they start making resolutions to spend more time with the family, adopt a more optimistic outlook on life, or get a makeover. La Dee Dogs (Waite Park, MN) doesn't see the need to wait. Your pet wants to look and smell their best during the holidays! Why wait when you can give your special pup a head start on looking and feeling marvelous with a holiday makeover? Dog grooming and spa packages are great gifts for your furry loved ones as well.

La Dee Dogs has 3 holiday scented shampoos: pumpkin gingerbread, spiced vanilla and caramel apple. Stop in and pick the one you believe best suits your dog's personality. You don't want your dog to stink like a dog this holiday season! Call (320) 257-9663 to discuss your dog's make over today. As an added bonus, La Dee Dogs is offering $5 off baths for the month of December. Take advantage of the savings and let your pet look and smell their best with La Dee Dog's help!

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Spa Day for the Holidays at La Dee Dogs!

Want to smell great and look amazing for the holidays? Yep, I knew it! Tell the person in charge of feeding your meals to call La Dee Dogs and get you scheduled for a holiday spa and grooming appointment today! Pampering services can include: blueberry facials, a massaging bath, option to pick a holiday scented shampoo, nail trim & painting, haircut and style, de-shed, teeth brushing, and more.

Heck, looking and smelling this good might help you get more doggie treats and Christmas presents under the tree. La Dee Dogs (Waite Park, MN) has all of your dog grooming needs taken care of. Take a look here.

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October DeShed-A-Thon!


We are having a DeShed-A-Thon! For the whole month of October, our Deshedding Service is $5 off and every Deshed dog will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE Day of Daycare!Call us today to book your appointment! 320-257-9663

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Dog Food



Did you know that La Dee Dogs carries the best dry dog food around? We have Orijen, Acana, and Fromm brand of food.  Each of these brands has a variety of different types and flavors to satisfy your pooch's tummy.  From puppy to adult to senior, we have it all! We also have grain-free varieties!  Participate in the frequent buyer program and you can work towards getting a free bag!


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Meet Laura! Our La Dee Dogs Groomer


Did you know that La Dee Dogs offers grooming?

Meet Laura, she is our La Dee Dogs groomer and is also one of our very talented playground professionals. Laura works about 4 - 5 days a week and almost every other weekend. If you are already a La Dee Dogs dog, you receive a free half day of daycare on your scheduled grooming day. Come play for half a day, and then go jump in the tub and get all snazzied up.


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