La Dee Dogs began as dog walking and pet sitting business called Pooch Walkers in 2006. In August 2008, La Dee Dogs opened its doors ready to serve the area the best doggie services and products around. We provide socialization, enrichment, friends, grooming and unique dog goods to bring more joy and peace of mind to the St Cloud community of dogs and their owners.

We have grown, improved and matured over the years, but the objective has never changed, do what’s best for the dogs…always. Your pooch’s well-being is our #1 concern.

We are so very honored that you chose us and we are excited to be an active, healthy and enriching member of your pups life.

President Jennifer
Vice President Baby

Meet Our Team

Jennifer / Owner since 2008

Baby / Vice President since 2008


Playground Professional / Runner since 2016


Groomer aka Doggie Hair Artist / Playground Professional Since 2009