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We Love Slumber Paw-ties!

September Skill: "OFF"

Skill Goal:
Used to tell a dog to get his paws off of something. (Ex: jumping on people, jumping at doors, counter surfing)

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What differentiates La Dee Dogs from similar dog care facilities in the area?


As a dedicated pet owner and animal lover, you wouldn't trust the care of your dog to just anyone.

At La Dee Dogs (St. Cloud, MN) we pride ourselves on providing a super fun and safe environment for all of our guests. Recreation time is healthy and safe, where dogs can exercise off-leash in the company of other dogs and under direct supervision of our trained staff. The best part, our guests gain the valuable benefits of socializing and playing with both their 2 and 4 legged friends all day! What more could a dog ask for!

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Spa Day for the Holidays at La Dee Dogs!

Want to smell great and look amazing for the holidays? Yep, I knew it! Tell the person in charge of feeding your meals to call La Dee Dogs and get you scheduled for a holiday spa and grooming appointment today! Pampering services can include: blueberry facials, a massaging bath, option to pick a holiday scented shampoo, nail trim & painting, haircut and style, de-shed, teeth brushing, and more.

Heck, looking and smelling this good might help you get more doggie treats and Christmas presents under the tree. La Dee Dogs (Waite Park, MN) has all of your dog grooming needs taken care of. Take a look here.

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